Growing failures, losses, and defeats into wisdom, resilience, and invaluable experience is an art that can be learned and applied effectively to businesses of all sizes!

Reinhold M. Karner, FRSA - (aka RMK) will be the key speaker at our next webinar, sharing his multifaceted experience of being an entrepreneur, author, university lecturer, media contributor as well as helping 200+ start-ups establish sustainable success.

Monday 25th April 2022 | 6 pm CET | Xara Lodge

About our speaker

Reinhold M. Karner, FRSA - (aka RMK) is an entrepreneurship and start-up evangelist, multiple chairman (e.g. AP Valletta), entrepreneur, author and regular media contributor to e. g. the Times of Malta, university lecturer and fellowship connector of the London-based think tank, the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) for Malta and Austria. He resides in Tyrol (Austria), Malta and London but is active internationally.

After 33 years as a high achiever and a 360° experienced multi-awarded multinational SME serial entrepreneur (management consulting, business process optimisation, ERP software, digitisation, AI), Reinhold studied the mechanisms for success and failure and changed sides. Consequently, he became THE·SUCCESS·MULTIPLIER for entrepreneurs, executives & managers, start-ups & founders. In his career, Reinhold also helped 200+ start-ups to establish robust success.

For more information, see his website