The EU aims to be climate-neutral by 2050.What steps are Maltese businesses taking to facilitate this?

With transportation generating the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, eCabs are on a mission to switch their 200+ fleet of cars into Electric Vehicles (EVs) within the next 5 years.

In The Malta Business Networks’ upcoming webinar we’ll be hearing from Mr. Andrew Bezzina, eCabs’ Chief Financial Officer, who’ll be leading a discussion titled ‘Sustainable Mobility: Walking the Talk’.

During this webinar, Mr. Bezzina will share advantages, disadvantages, insights and key learnings learned from the start of this transition towards EVs.

Monday 24th January 2022 | 5pm CET | LIVE Webinar

Key Speaker

Andrew was there when it all started. As one of the co-founders of eCabs, Andrew had a tough choice to make right at the very beginning – kick-starting his career as a lawyer with one of the top-tier firms or take a leap into the unknown and kick-start eCabs. After all, he’d just returned from reading a Masters Degree in Corporate Law at the University College of London.Andrew’s interest in the challenge of business had started at an early age, learning the smart way of handling most challenges with a streetwise attitude. So, his entrepreneurial spirit made the call and he jumped right in, serving as CFO for eCabs while he took care of the legal needs of a rapidly growing startup and, when the time came, overseeing the property portfolio.

It takes perseverance to accomplish such diverse responsibilities but that is one of Andrew’s key attributes – he is tenacious, collected, and loves to bring order into chaos. Andrew now takes on the fundamentally strategic role of corporate governance principles as the company looks to the next ten years.He is a committed lifelong learner, soaking up the latest developments in the world of finance, technology, and business psychology so eCabs relies heavily on his guidance for tech investment and the transformation of the eCabs Logistics Centre into the tech mobility hub of tomorrow.When considering the future, Andrew has a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of eCabs. Acknowledging that the industry can have a lower impact on the environment, Andrew is committed to the company drive towards a more sustainable operating model.He has two wonderful children, loves running, and takes every opportunity to travel to Switzerland, the birthplace of his wife.