The adjustment, forced upon us by the health pandemic, could be fleeting or deeply embedded for months or years to come. Adapting to this will be crucial for society to move on, but also for businesses to survive. A nascent ‘Isolation Economy’ has developed that has seen certain sectors flourish at the expense of others.

With the stampede to digital post-COVID, many businesses are learning the hard and expensive way that the risks presented by cyber threats cannot be underestimated. Working from home is what caused the biggest Cyber changes across the world and is a new Cyber risk for all businesses as we embrace hybrid working. Effective cybersecurity goes well beyond installing a firewall or implementing a single IT project. The next steps for businesses are already centered around planning beyond the current lockdowns. Getting business-ready beyond the Isolation Economy needs to specifically include getting your business Cyber ready.

Our next webinar “Cybersecurity and the Isolation Economy” can be the beginning of that preparation, irrespective of your company’s size or industry.

It is with great pleasure to announce that our webinar, taking place on 27th May at 4pm UK time (or 5pm CET), will be moderated by:

  • Dr Jacqui Taylor, who is the CEO & Founder of FlyingBinary Ltd, an Expert Advisor to the UN and European Commission and named one of the UK’s 20 most impactful entrepreneurs.

The panel will be made up of 2 renowned professionals in the industry who'll be sharing their views and perspectives on cybersecurity:

  • Lara Pace - Head of Capacity Building Practice at Protection Group International
  • Grahame White - Director at Analysis International

Whether you’re already familiar with cybersecurity, or just looking for an introduction to a topic of such universal relevance, this is an unmissable opportunity to listen and learn first-hand from the experts.

27th May 2021, 4pm UK time (or 5pm CET) | Live Webinar | Register today

About our Moderator & Expert Advisor

One of the 20 most powerful UK entrepreneurs, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her international web science work on inclusion. One of the 250 Founders of Tech City, in 2016 she pivoted her company FlyingBinary to meet the challenge of Brexit and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with spectacular results.She was recognised as one of the 100 Global Leaders in 2019, Top Ten Global IoT innovators, and is an independent industry analyst for IIoT. An Expert Advisor to the European Commission in a Fire-Starter role for the Future Digital Economy, with specific responsibilities for innovation and improving the health and well being outcomes for 450 million citizens. One of the UK’s most influential Women in Tech, most influential UK web scientist in 2020, 34 IoT Influencers on Twitter, 20 global entrepreneurs to watch, and a UK Smart City leader. Shortlisted for a Cyber Security industry award she was invited to speak in Davos on the future of the Cyber Security Industry.Globally recognised as the world’s first Smart City Tzar, and a strategic Advisor to the UK Government, Cities lead on Digital Built Britain, Principal UK Expert lead for BSI international team for Technology, Data, Smart Cities and AI. She is an Expert Adviser to the G20 members on the Future Digital Economies and an Expert Advisor to the United Nations for the UN 2030 plan.She founded the Empathy Economy to share the secrets of her global success plan with entrepreneurs via a unique membership offering. The Empathy Economy Online launches in 2021 now the UK has exited from the European Union. It will give entrepreneurs resources to meet the challenges of a post Isolation Economy and transition them to grow their companies in the IIoT.

About our Panellist

Lara’s international career in Cybersecurity spans the last 12 years working across 60 plus jurisdictions. Her skills are broad and include cybersecurity strategy and policy development, capacity development for the criminal justice system to address cybercrime, monitoring and evaluation of national capacity development programmes and partnership development.Lara started her career working in capacity-development to mitigate cybercrime across the Commonwealth, moving into cybersecurity more broadly at a global level. Lara has in-depth experience and knowledge of the Commonwealth and the cyber capacities of member states. She has driven regional government meetings in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean to further the goal of building requisite capacity and capability across the world. She was responsible for Strategy and External Engagement at the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, where she spearheaded the uptake by the world, of what is known to be the Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations, which established the model as a global standard for national cybersecurity capacity reviews. She is co-author on the first and second edition of the model.Lara leads Protection Group International’s Capacity building Practice working primarily with national governments and multi- lateral organisations building capability and capacity for nations to manage digital risk. Her passion remains the distribution of information, and its impact on public opinion and debate.

About our Panellist

Currently Director and Head of Business Development for Analysis International, a bespoke financial intelligence and analytics Advisory and Training company with a global footprint and client base across the Financial Sector and Public Sector.  Many Banks and FSBs rely on Analysis International to improve employee skills in analysis and due diligence capability.Former Head of European Operations for ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) in Miami Florida.Grahame and his team have a substantial network of clients in the Global Banking Financial Crime and Intelligence operations having spent ten years working closely with senior figures to support their staff and organizations on Investigations, qualifications, training, and staff career development.Previously a Detective at the National Terrorist Financial Investigations Unit at New Scotland Yard with substantial Counter Terrorist Financing and AML/Financial crime Investigation experience.Grahame also spent 5 years at the Metropolitan and City of London Police Company Fraud Department dealing in large scale fraud investigations and was part of the New Scotland Yard Anti-Corruption Command looking at serious allegations against public figures and law enforcement employees, from the financial perspective.