The upcoming Malta Business Network event titled "Reimagining Board Compositions: Diversifying for Strategy, Trends and Inclusive Governance" promises to be an eye-opening exploration of the pivotal role board composition plays in shaping an organisation's strategy, adapting to evolving business trends, and ensuring inclusive governance.

Diversity on the Board: In an era marked by unprecedented challenges such as cyber risks, shifting talent dynamics, and increasing ESG concerns, discover why diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but critical success factors for companies. Our esteemed panel of business leaders will delve into the tangible benefits of embracing diversity and the importance of curating a mix of educational and academic backgrounds for the boardroom.

Challenging the Norms:Learn the art of diversifying your board membership beyond traditional conventions. Our panel will reveal insights into fostering gender and ethnic diversity, breaking away from outdated norms, and assembling a team of experts tailored to meet your company’s unique requirements. Intellectual diversity, they will argue, transcends simple quotas and encompasses a rich mix of academic and personal backgrounds - from human resources management, tech, and, and marketing and communications.

Meet Our Distinguished Panel:The panel will include three local directors; Natalie Briffa Farrugia from the Vassallo Group, Vanessa Said Salomone of the VJ Salomone Group, and Nadia Pace who sits on various local company boards.The discussion will be skilfully moderated by Fabianne Ruggier, Director, Advisory, RSM Malta, ensuring a lively and informative exchange of ideas.

Don't miss this opportunity to redefine your perspective on board composition, network with like-minded professionals, and contribute to the conversation that will shape the future of governance.

Secure your spot today! 18th September | 18:00 | OKA's at the Villa