Welcome to The Malta Business Network's first event of 2024!As we embark on an exciting journey in 2024, our first event sets the tone for insightful discussions and strategic insights into the evolving office landscape.Join us for our upcoming panel discussion, 'The Real Estate Edition: The Future of Work and what’s next for the office in Malta' where industry experts converge to dissect current trends, challenges, and innovations shaping the future of work environments. From exploring remote work dynamics to dissecting market values and local office trends, this event promises to provide invaluable knowledge crucial for navigating the changing office ecosystem.

Moderated by Ian Casolani, Managing Director at Belair Property, who brings extensive industry expertise, this panel includes distinguished professionals:

Angelique Spina, Director at PwC Malta

George Kakouras, Managing Director at Hili Properties p.l.c.

Lara Camilleri, COO at Expedition42

Catherine Hurley, Head of Global Accounts at AIS InteriorsSecure your spot now and kickstart your year with key insights and networking opportunities!

Event Details:

Date: 22nd January

Time: 6pm CET

Location: The Grist at The Brewhouse

Secure your spot now!