Today’s decisions will impact all future generations. But do today’s leaders and decision-makers know what we want? Do they care?

Join the conversation to learn about the future we want, if we’re on track and how to make it better.

Wednesday 6th April 2022 | 4pm CET | LIVE Webinar

Kristina Pace

Shooting for the stars, Kristina Pace is an aspiring actress with a love for sustainability. Currently studying Software Development, she is working towards her dream of becoming a full-time actress and entrepreneur.

Steven Coleiro

Entrepreneur, Steven Coleiro, is a true creative. An ACCA certificate holder with 4-5 years of auditing and advisory experience, he finally made the leap in pursuit of a new adventure. The criteria? An influential and compelling role that compliments his investment experience and channels his creative energy.

Jean Gatt

From code to connections, Jean Gatt is a software engineer that specialises in the Telecom and FinTech industries. Always keeping his finger on the pulse, Gatt is interested in trends, challenges and gets his motivation from helping people out.

Alexandra Sciberras

Business powerhouse and mother of three, Alexandra Sciberras is the Co-Founder and COO of Invent 3D Ltd, a start-up focusing on 3D design and 3D printing. With a Masters in Pharmacy and qualifications in Graphic and Web Design, Sciberras is well equipped for start-up life and the many hats she has to wear.