Head of Value and Risk Advisory

Justin Mizzi

Justin Mizzi leads real estate valuation at Archi+, with a focus on commercial properties. He's developing a new course at the University of Malta and organizes networking events.

Justin Mizzi is an academic at heart who is passionate about real estate.

He joined Archi+ - a local multidisciplinary architecture and real estate firm - in 2018, where he grew - and now leads - the real estate (RE) advisory and valuation department.

His field of expertise is in RE valuation - primarily on commercial RE and development properties. In addition to this he has experience in RE market studies, RE investment advisory, planning advisory, cost consultancy and RE due diligence and risk-advisory related services. Furthermore, he holds a Masters of Architecture and Conservation and is assisting the University of Malta in the development on a new course being a diploma in RE valuation and investment. He was also one of the key players to bring Malta onto the JLL Global Real Estate Transparency Index for the first time in 2022

Justin has also organized several networking events, courses and lectures on different topics related to RE valuation and investment to hundreds of attendees from different backgrounds since 2018. These have been done privately, through Archi+ and in collaboration with other entities such as the The Valuation Forum, The Malta Business Network (of which he is also a Director, being responsible for their events related to real estate), MBA, KTP, MIA, MSE, MARE, Dhalia and SACES.