Director of RSM MT

Fabianne Ruggier

Fabianne Ruggier, a Director at RSM Malta, brings over eighteen years of experience in business transformation. With a background in national policy and private sector innovation, she leads strategic initiatives and chairs thematic committees at Malta Chamber of Commerce and JA Malta.

Fabianne Ruggier is a Director within the RSM Malta’s NextGen Advisory team.

Fabianne has over eighteen years of professional experience. Earlier in her career she spear-headed national policy and public-private alliances in the public sector, to then join a private multi-national and introduced global programmes in Malta. When she first joined, she focused on establishing the HR Function to support the Firm’s growth. She transitioned naturally into Consulting as she started working more with the Firm’s clients on their business challenges.

Fabianne holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master’s in Business Administration. She also holds a Post-Graduate Certificate from Cambridge on Digital Disruption.

Fabianne works at the strategic level with clients implementing business transformation. She heads a multi-disciplinary team that provide change management services to clients, bringing together business, digital, data and people expertise. She is the Chairperson of the HR and Talent Thematic at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, and Chairperson of JA Malta.