Co-Founder & CEO AMANI™

Deborah Webster

Deborah, a global advocate for ethical leadership, empowers Maltese entrepreneurs from her base in the UAE. With a decade of research, she champions responsible business practices through her innovative framework, AMANI™.

Half-English, half-Maltese Deborah is committed to supporting Maltese entrepreneurs and business leaders build great companies. Currently based in the UAE, Deborah has worked on projects across four continents. For the last 10 years, she has been mapping the characteristics and dynamics of ethical companies and responsible leaders. Covering the developed and developing world, Deborah’s research has spanned from the boardroom to the community, exploring the impact human decisions have on broader society. She also uncovered a wise way forward which she translated into a unique framework called AMANI™. AMANI™ is cross-cultural and inter-generational. It captures the wisdom of communities and the possibilities of technology. It is the blueprint of responsible leaders shaping a more equitable and sustainable future.

Deborah ‘s clients have included the Carlyle Group and their investee companies, Gulf Investment Corporation, HSBC, Credit Suisse, family businesses, family offices and accelerators. From a Maltese context, she was the Head of Marketing for Baystreet pre-launch, the Founder of TEDxValletta and Ideas from Malta.

Deborah has spoken at several conferences around the world on a variety of topics, including leadership, innovation, and ethical practices around data and technology.