Building resilience at the next MBN Malta Meeting

The concept of resilience and what it means for organisations and countries will take centre stage at the forthcoming MBN Malta Chapter monthly meeting. A resilience-building practitioner will share his knowledge on how this concept can positively impact business performance.

“Strategic resilience is not about responding to a one-time crisis. It’s not about rebounding from a setback. It’s about continuously anticipating and adjusting to deep trends that can permanently impinge on the financial performance of an organisation. It’s about having the capacity to change before the case for change becomes desperately obvious.” said JP Fabri, Managing Director of ARQ Economic & Business Intelligence, a boutique advisory that focuses on resilience-building strategies and which forms part of ARQ Group. During his presentation “Unravelling the quest for resilience”, Mr Fabri will show how any organisation and countries that can make sense of their environment, generate strategic options and realign their resources accordingly, will enjoy a decisive and sustainable advantage.

An economist by profession, Mr Fabri specialised in resilience-building strategies and was appointed as Technical Expert and Lead Consultant on national resilience building to The Commonwealth Secretariat. He developed a resilience-building framework and implemented it in nine countries across the Caribbean, Pacific and Africa. Mr Fabri has occupied various roles in the public and private sector and is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta.

Mr Fabri will share his insights at the MBN Malta Chapter meeting on March 20 at the Xara Lodge between 6.30pm and 8.00pm.

To attend the event please register here.


Cover photo by Jeremy Bishop

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